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I desire to continue my career as a consultant and public member of certification testing boards.  I would like to use my skills to the benefit of society.


  1. My primary skill is taking a complex data set, extracting the story the data tells, and reporting the story to the reader in a way that the reader can understand it.
    To do this I primarily use SPSS, R, Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, and SQL.
  2. Building web-based interfaces to statistical and database information.
    To do this I primarily use ASPX.NET, HTML5, Javascript, and Visual Basic.
  3. Psychometric analysis of tests.
    To do this I use classical and item response theory (IRT) analysis.
  4. My current interest is in big data, machine learning, and predictive analysis.
    To do this I use pretty much all the items mentioned above.
  5. My current Vita.


  1. Deputy Director of Academic Assessment - US Air Force Academy (2005-2014).
    I was responsible for creating and running the online cadet feedback system, the online faculty metrics system, and the faculty and staff climate survey.
    I did many statistical analyses and reports for the Academy including disenrollment, NSSE, cadet feedback, faculty orientation, and sexual assault training.
    I taught the statistical and research methods course in the Behavioral Sciences department.
    I worked closely with faculty development, mentoring faculty in orientation and running faculty book groups.
    I coordinated a Military Academy Consortium for the National Survey of Student Engagement that included the Military and Naval Academies.
  2. Professor of Psychology - Missouri State University (1974-2001) & Adjunct Professor (2001-present).
    I primarily taught introductory and graduate statistics along with a tests and measurements course.
    I served on a number of dissertation committees as the statistical expert.
    Since 1999 I have taught and continue to teach an online multivariate statistics for Missouri State.
  3. Psychometric Consultant - National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT) (2000-present).
    I performed statistical analyses of many of their test results with the goal of gaining NOCA accreditation.
    I currently serve as a member of their Board of Testing.

Example Products

  1. Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications (3rd ed)
    First published as a web text in 1996, the current edition uses HTML5 and Javascript and can run on tablets and most modern browsers
  2. Probability Calculator.
    First created in 2001 using Java, the current edition uses HTML5 and Javascript and can run on tablets and most modern browsers. The binomial calculator portion was originally written over twelve years ago for the Springfield, MO police department to detect racial profiling and is still being used today.
  3. I created a web site for the book Course Design Pathways
    Visit site.
  4. Analysis of Veteran Arrests El Paso County, Colorado
    Written in 2013 with Chuck Corry.
  5. Upon retirement I have been interested in programming Google Maps
    Dave's Retirement Trip.


  1. Charity Park Peak
    "Congratulations to my colleague and friend, Dr. David W. Stockburger, who retired yesterday. You are a statistician extraordinaire and will be missed terribly!"
  2. The Award for Exemplary Civilian Service - US Air Force Academy (2014)
    "In recoginition of his distinguished performance as Deputy Director of Academic Assessment, Directorate of Education,Dean of Faculty, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado, form 10 January 2005 to 31 August 2014. During this time, Dr. Stockburger designed and implemented a variety of innovative sultions to Dean of Faculty-wide problems. He single-handedly created the electronic system that is used to collect cadet course feedbac; he moved the collection of Dean of Faculty Climate Survey data from paper to an on-line environment; and he cleverly produced a database and user interface that senior leaders now use to track faculty demographics and credentials. In so doing, Dr. Stockburger enhanced the Academy's educational programs by increasing access to crucial information about Academy programs and by consistently delivering that information quickly and accurately. The distinctive accomplishments of Dr. David Stockburger reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force. signed Andrew P. Armacost, Brigadier General, USAF, Dean of Faculty."